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Hosting WordPress For Personal Websites Or Ecommerce Sites

Free website hosting WordPress is one of the fastest growing CMS systems around. It has become the favorite tool for many small to large organizations all over the world. WordPress was created by and for the community in mind, so if you are not familiar with its functions and settings than its pretty much useless to you. If you want to learn WordPress and understand how it works there are two main options, you can pay for a WordPress Blogger account or you can register your domain name with one of the many free website hosting providers out there.

Registration Private – Google, Yahoo, and Bing offer private mode for their Blogger accounts. This is basically just like setting up a basic account, but you are able to set up your own personal page where you can manage your domain and blog. If you would rather not register your domain with a web host than this is the way to go. The only drawback to this option is that you are limited to the version of WordPress that they provide and you cannot install any additional plug-ins from third parties. If you can afford this then it is definitely worth considering.

Unmanaged Hosting Account – If you do not want to use a private hosting account there are still ways to get a free website hosting account with WordPress. There are a couple of different options, first you can try contacting your hosting provider and seeing if they have any WordPress hosts that are hosting WordPress sites with them. Often times they will be happy to work with you on a monthly rate or even a yearly rate with you paying a large portion up front. This option is good if you are going to be changing the contents on your site often, since you would not want to take up all of your storage space with content you are not using. If you were to move to a paid hosting account, most hosting companies would not allow you to change your domain name without a fee.

Managed Hosting Account – If you want to avoid using a private server and still have access to the source code you can use a managed hosting account. You will still have root access to your domain name and will be able to install most any software that you want to install on your site. Some providers are good about allowing you to install certain plug-ins, but many will not. You have to contact the host in order to get this information before attempting to install anything. Even though they may charge you for the unmanaged portion of your service, it is usually minimal and worth it if you have a business website that needs to be on the internet for selling products.

Free Domain Names – If you do not own the domain name that you need you can easily get one by opting for a free hosting service. Just make sure that the free service has a secure server before using their services. Chances are the site that you want to host will already have a domain name registered so all you will have to do is pay the small fee. They may also offer a simple control panel for controlling your website.

Whether you use a managed host or opt for a free website hosting WordPress can be a very powerful platform. There are many plug-ins available for WordPress that will allow you to customize your site and make it as personal and unique as you want it to be. Although the initial cost may seem high, it can save you money in the long run when you start to see an increase in visitors to your site. Once you set up WordPress, you will wonder how you ever managed to work without it.